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Dolce Vista was founded in 2004 Gary Wood.  A botiuqe winery situated Five minutes from Havlock North Villiage, it sits beneth Te Mata Peak on the ancient river plains of the Tuki Tuki Valley.

Dolce Vista does wine handsomely and beautifully, they create Italian premium crafted wines.  With premium wine and high end branding we worked to incorporate the founder’s thoughts into the website.

Initially we had the website in mind, we discussed with the founder at length their long term vision for Dolce Vista which included a café/restaurant and also time spent with clients in the vineyard, discussing viticulture practices.

As the project was ongoing we put the project in to sprints.

What we did with Dolce Vista:

  • Brand Strategy
  • Video / Photography
  • Website
  • Content creation
  • Social creation
  • Point of sale

website: dolcevista.nz